We specialise in Change Management, Life Coaching and Agile | Scrum Master | Leadership Training.


Fail early, fail often, but always fail forward.” “The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to…failure.” “If you’re not failing, you’re probably not really moving forward.”

― John C. Maxwell

our services


      • Life coaching
      • Executive coaching
      • Leadership coaching
      • Neuro-kinetic coaching
      • Agile coaching
      • Couples’ coaching
      • Peak performance coaching
      • Action learning coaching


     • Diagnostic Consultation
     • Stakeholder Alignment
     • Sponser Support
     • Leadership Alignment
     • Multi-functional Teams
     • Change Intelligence
     • Communication Strategies and plans      


  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Scrum Mastery
  • Personal Mastery
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Resilience
  • Personal Branding
  • Thriving in Changing Times
  • Basic Management Skills


Hold on, chillax! We’re not trying to sell you on our Services. Instead, here are some people that will do the hard work for us.

Monique Stock impresses with her holistic approach to Change Management. She embraces the philosophy that sustainable change works from the inside out.

Brenda Scott
(Programme Manager with SARS EPMO)
I would rate Monique as the most proficient facilitator that I have ever worked with and would recommend her for any project that involves change management and related concepts. She is truly a master of her profession, often being referred to by delegates and colleagues as the "guru".

Roland Weber
Strategic Support Services (BCE Foodservice Equipment (Pty) Ltd)
The National Treasury can recommend Monique Stock, the founder and owner of Change Dynamics to provide excellent services and high quality of training regarding the Emotional Intelligence and Change Management programmes being offered.

Chief Director: Human Resources (National Treasury)

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